Prof. Catherine C. Neto - Course Information

Graduate courses:

CHM562 (Natural Products)  Open to graduate students in chemistry, biochemistry, biology or BMEBT program, and senior chemistry, biochemistry or biology majors who have passed CHM251 & 252. Biochemistry I (CHM411) and some knowledge of cell biology recommended. This course focuses on structure, biosynthesis, sources and pharmacological activity of natural products. See syllabus (Spring 2011)

CHM470/570 (Food Chemistry) Chemistry of food constituents: classes, origins, roles, and methods of analysis for composition. Emphasis is on structure, function, occurrence, biosynthesis, biological activity, and nutritional roles of phytochemicals and other food constituents. Recent scientific literature in agricultural and food chemistry and related fields, nutrition, and current issues in food science will be discussed. Last offered as CHM550 (Special Topics), Spring 2010 - See syllabus 

Undergraduate courses:

CHM251 (Organic Chemistry I) See Syllabus (Fall 2010) 

CHM252 (Organic Chemistry II) 

CHM265 (Organic Chemistry Lab I for chemistry & biochemistry majors) See Syllabus (Fall 2011) 

CHM266 (Organic Chemistry Lab II for chemistry & biochemistry majors) See Syllabus (Spring 2010) 

CHM263 (Bio-organic Chemistry Lab I for biology/MLS majors)

CHM264 (Bio-organic Chemistry Lab II for biology majors)