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B.A. 1967, Hope College

Ph.D. 1971, Wayne State University

biochem faculty su

Physical chemistry: gas phase ion-molecule interactions, ion-solid interactions, mass spectrometry, chemistry of the atmosphere

Phone number:  508-999-8238


Room: Group II, Room 317

Area of research

Theoretical and experimental treatments in ion-molecule reactions, atmosphere chemistry, computational chemistry, mass spectrometry

Recent Awards

1. C. N. Wu Chemistry “Educator of the Year" Award, 2001, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UMass Dartmouth

2. Leo Sullivan “Teacher of the Year" Award, 2001, UMass Dartmouth

3. “Professor Extraordinaire", 2004, presented by the Nursing Class of 2007, UMass Dartmouth

4. “Outstanding Faculty Member" 2006, presented by the Greek Community (the Sororities and Fraternities), UMass Dartmouth

Recent Publications


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