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Women Artists 2016

Senior Seminar Women Artists Exhibition 2015

Women Artists: Transforming Community (Providence to Provincetown 1880 – 1940)

April 12 – April 30, 2016

Department of Art History – Capstone University of Massachusetts Dartmouth -Main Campus Art Gallery

In their fifth year, Dr. Anna Dempsey and Allison J. Cywin, art history professors directed a group of upperclassmen to execute a professional museum quality exhibition and publication. The exhibition is a collaborative project whereby students work in teams and apply their academic and professional knowledge to a real world experience. This year, the students explore the definition of modernity and focuses on feminine artistic communities that extend from Providence to Provincetown. The women artists represented in the exhibition are Blanche Lazzell, Agnes Weinrich, Lucy L’Engle, Ethel Mars, Maud Squire, Grace Albee, Eliza D. Gardiner, Frances Gifford, Sarah Eddy, Sarah Wyman Whitman, Mabel Woodward, Alice Barber Stephens, Blanche Ames Ames and Allen Sisters, among others. This exhibition is made possible through the generous support of the arts community, including, Julie Heller Gallery of Provincetown, Bert Gallery of Providence, Portsmouth Free Public Library, Smith College’s Sophia Smith Archive, University of Massachusetts Special Collection and Archive, Amherst Providence Art Club, Providence Athenaeum, New Bedford Whaling Museum and private collectors.

Exhibition Video Slide Presentation  

Exhibition Catalog PDF 

Participating Students:

  • Megan Pereen
  • Kelsey Rabbitt
  • Michael Cabral
  • Taylor Penning
  • Michael Cabral
  • Kayla Angelini
  • Rea Bethel
  • Stephanie Cramer
  • Hannah Gadbois
  • Greg Goins
  • Liana DePillo
  • James Ferguson
  • Caroline Stjärnborg

Course developed by Dr. Anna Dempsey and Allison Cywin, MLIS

Special Thanks: We would like to give special thanks to Stephen Borkowski and Julie Heller whose knowledge and expertise in Provincetown’s art community and the history of the Provincetown Printers was instrumental to the exhibition.  We extend our gratitude once again to Cathy Little Bert of Bert Gallery in Providence for writing the preface to the catalog and to the Providence Art Club for their continuous partnership and support of the exhibition.  

Acknowledgements:We extend our gratitude to the New England’s southeastern arts community, including: Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown; Bert Gallery, Providence; Portsmouth Free Public Library, Portsmouth; Smith College’s Sophia Smith Archive, Northampton; University of Massachusetts Special Collection and Archive, Amherst; Providence Art Club, Providence; Providence Athenaeum, Providence; New Bedford Whaling Museum, New Bedford; Claire T. Carney Library, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and private collectors for their enthusiastic support and who made this exhibition possible.

We are also grateful to CVPA faculty including those of  the Art History Department, Stacy Latt Savage, Cathy Smilan, Anthony Fisher, Joy Miller and Dean Adrian Tió for their support and contributions.

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