free digital production of images and multimedia as well as slide conversion services.

Visual Resource Center

Visual Resouce Center

Visual Resource Center supports classroom instruction and student presentation through its free digital production, and slide and media conversion services.

Digital images may be created from reflective and transparent materials (including x-rays and flat material up to 12 x 17 in). Visual Resource Center supports four professional digital conversion stations along with self-serve scanning stations for CVPA faculty and students.


IMAGE PRODUCTION - Depending on the number of images needed VRC may be able to provide same day delivery. Digital images are provided on CDs or delivered directly to your desktop.  Please inform the Curator if you plan to post the images on "MyCourses".

SLIDE CONVERSION - VRC is pleased to work with faculty to convert their instructional slide collections to digital format. Turnaround time for slide conversions depend on the size of collection and its condition.

MULTIMEDIA TRANSFERS - VRC assists with the transfer of olds video and audio files to digital format for classroom instruction or student research. At this time, VRC is able to transfer to VHS to digital as well as audio files (cassette and LP). Please be aware that multimedia resources may take up to three weeks to convert. 

SELF-SERVE SCANNING & PDF STATIONS - VRC is pleased to provide a self-serve scanning stations.  Scans must be part of instruction and adhere to the Visual Resources Association: Statement On The Fair Use Of Images For Teaching, Research and Study.

Request or Inquiries - Contact the VRC curator via email or by telephone, 508-999-8701.