LUNA Tutorials and Video Instructions

Visual Resource Center



Visual Resource Center

Learning and training on LUNA couldn't be easier. Visual Resource Center provides a number of written and video tutorials (see below). 

The VRC staff is happy to provide one-on-one training either at the Visual Resource Center or at your office.  Please do not hesitate to call (8701) or email the VRC if you have any questions.

Before you start


Use your UMassD user name and password to gain access to LUNA.

  • Login - Click on "login" located in upper right corner of the LUNA home page.
  • Enter - UMassD email username (Do not include and UMassD email password.

Written Instructions

Build a link to LUNA Resources within myCourses

Build a link to LUNA Resources within Wikispaces

Video Tutorials

( Videos Coming Soon)

Getting Started

  • Login
  • Disable Pop Blockers

Organize and Manage Media within Media Groups

  • Create
  • Add Content
  • Export to PowerPoint
  • Share Content with students
  • Manage

Search and Discovery

  • Overview
  • Browse
  • Search (keyword, phrase and advanced)
  • Search (Flickr)

Upload(Colleagues & Students)

  • Add Your Personal Images & Multimedia Collections
  • Private or Special Project Collections

Viewing and Presentation Tools

  • Examination (Zoom & Pan, Flipping Book Pages)