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Visual Resource Center

Under the direction of the Art History Department and the College of Visual Performing Arts, the Visual Resource Center (VRC) launched the first UMassD image & multimedia repository on campus.

LUNA offers more than 200,000 high quality images and multimedia and includes resources from UMassD, Cornell, Brown, and Pratt Institute of Art to name a few. Since 2009, the repository has grown to include collections from the UMassD College of Nursing.


  • 24/7 remote access to digital collections and presentations
  • High quality images and multimedia content
  • Ability to export digital resources directly to PowerPoint
  • Ability to link to myCourses or Wikis
  • Ability to restrict or openly share digital collections and presentations with your colleagues and students
  • Ability to upload and share private collections (images, multimedia, documents, powerpoints, pdfs) with colleagues and students.
  • Ability to search a specific collection or across multiple collections
  • Dynamic presentation tools including, zoom, crop, and manipulation features
JOIN the LUNA community on campus. If you are interested in using LUNA for your repository of images, multimedia, documents, or digital assets please contact Allison J. Cywin.