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Elisabeth Buck, PhD she/her

Associate Professor / Director, Writing & Multiliteracy Center

English & Communication

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Liberal Arts 344


2016Ball State UniversityPhD
2012University of Nevada, RenoMA
2010Loyola Marymount UniversityBA


  • Writing/Multiliteracy Center Theory and Practice
  • First-Year & Multimodal Writing
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Professional Communication





Introduction to digital and media literacy. Introduction to foundational literacy practices in digital media analysis and composition. Students learn core concepts in digital media studies while also developing foundational skills in composing texts across genres and modes¿written, visual, and aural. Students will also learn and employ various rhetorical tactics to develop skills in questioning and troubleshooting with technology.

Theories and dynamics of writing consultation and course-based tutoring. Readings theorize the writing process, conflicting ideas about writing itself, as well as writing center history, theory, and practice. The course is highly interactive, calling on students to use readings as the grounding for the critical examination of writing consultant practices, as well as the co-construction of classroom discussions and activities. Field work (one hour per week) as a writing consultant is required.

This course offers students a comprehensive understanding of the purposes of public relations, its principles, and the techniques by which its goals are accomplished. The course covers the full range of public relations strategies used by individuals, agencies, corporations, and governments, including press releases, audio-visual presentations, public speaking, paid advertising, lobbying, fostering employee relations, and promoting citizen involvement.

First semester. Graded CR/NC (upon approval of completed thesis or project).


Online and Continuing Education Courses

Development of a comprehensive understanding of the principles and purposes of public relations. This writing-intensive course explores rhetorical strategies used by individuals, agencies, corporations, and governments to reach intended audiences. Students gain experience in public speaking and writing press releases, brochures, speeches, and audio-visual press releases.
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Research interests

  • Writing Center & Writing Program Administration
  • Digital Literacies
  • Composition Studies
  • Rhetoric(s) of Popular Culture

Select publications

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Dr. Buck received her PhD in Rhetoric and Writing from Ball State University. She is the author of Open-Access, Multimodality, and Writing Center Studies, a work nominated for the 2018 International Writing Center Association's Outstanding Book Award. Her research has also recently been published in The Peer Review, Praxis: A Writing Center Journal, and Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. Dr. Buck sees both her scholarly and pedagogical interests manifest in her role as Founding Director of the Writing & Multiliteracy Center, a tutoring center that helps all UMassD students grow as independent and confident communicators—on the written page and across a variety of current and emerging platforms and technologies.

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