Kathryn Caldera

Part Time Lecturer

Sociology / Anthropology



Liberal Arts 392F





Introduction to the College of Arts and Sciences. This course facilitates a smooth transition to college life through academic and life skills enhancement and the development of enduring relationships between students, faculty and advisors, and classmates. Topics include utilizing campus resources, the importance of co-curricular activities, time management, reading and notetaking, information literacy, and career and major/minor exploration.

Investigates aspect of human health and well-being, social and cultural determinants of health, and/or population health disparities. Topic to be determined by instructor.

An introduction to the basic concepts of social and cultural anthropology. Readings emphasize the comparative study of societies at different levels of socio-cultural integration and from different areas of the world. This may include a brief introduction to physical anthropology and archaeology.

Directed readings and analysis in selected sociological topics. Cross-listed as WMS 350 with appropriate topic.

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