Kathryn Caldera

Part Time Lecturer

Sociology / Anthropology



Liberal Arts 392F





Investigation of the complex relationship between our environment and women's health and bodies. Theoretical concepts such as environmental justice, environmental racism, cancer prevention, the precautionary principle, and ecological feminism will be examined. Key women's health issues including reproductive health, cancer, asthma and lung disease will be explored in detail. A feminist intersectional analysis of the ways race, class, and gender inform one's experience of environmental harm and degradation will inform our study of women's health issues. In addition we will be exploring various activist and political responses to environmental and women's health issues in the United States.


Online and Continuing Education Courses

A survey of various social problems in the contemporary world. Special emphasis is placed upon analysis of social problems in American society.
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The analysis of work in modern society, and how, historically, labor/management relations have shaped our lives.
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An introduction to the enterprise of sociological theory. As such, it attempts to introduce students to the questions, problems, and intellectual tasks of theorizing about society and our social lives as well as to expose students to some of the most important competing ways in which previous social theorists have gone about this task.
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