Karen Carnes


Karen Carnes

Part Time Lecturer

Global Languages and Cultures




Liberal Arts 351



Introduction to the College of Arts and Sciences. This course facilitates a smooth transition to college life through academic and life skills enhancement and the development of enduring relationships between students, faculty and advisors, and classmates. Topics include utilizing campus resources, the importance of co-curricular activities, time management, reading and notetaking, information literacy, and career and major/minor exploration.

Review of grammar with composition and aural-oral practice. Introduction to French culture and civilization through intensive and extensive reading.

Continuation of FRN 201


Online and Continuing Education Courses

An accelerated course for beginning language learners who wish to complete their first year of Spanish language study in one semester. Using a task-based approach, this course helps students develop an ability to express themselves in real contexts, to interact with each other and with others, and to solve real problems. Students learn by using authentic texts and tasks to inform their language learning and by reflecting upon their actions. In the process of completing tasks, students use multiple linguistic skills, create oral and written texts in the process, and learn about Hispanic people and cultures. Reading, listening, speaking, and writing processes appropriate to beginning language students are developed in this course as are opportunities to use technology to further their understanding of Hispanic peoples and cultures.

Essentials of aural-oral, reading and writing usage, with intensive drilling in pronunciation, intonation and grammar.