Wilbur Higgins


Wilbur Higgins

Part Time Lecturer

English & Communication




Liberal Arts 201B


1996College of New JerseyMAT
1989Rutgers UniversityBA


  • First Year English





Argument-focused course that introduces students to scholarly reading and writing strategies. Students practice widely-applicable methods of reading, writing, and revising arguments. Students read college-level arguments from diverse popular, public, and academic genres in order to develop their academic skills of analyzing single arguments, synthesizing multiple perspectives, and composing informed responses to an ongoing conversation.

Synthesis-focused course that builds on ENL 101. Students sharpen analytical skills by reading complex texts across public and academic genres. Students also create individual research questions, build college-level research skills, compose sophisticated syntheses, and revise their own argumentative, academic contributions to a defined conversation. Students leave the course prepared for intermediate reading and writing tasks in a broad variety of disciplines as well as with improved research skills and the reflective habits of successful, life-long learners.

Select publications

  • Nancy Benson, Steven J. Corbett, Annica Cox, Will Higgins, Robin Kish, Michelle LaFrance, Katy Whittingham (2013).
    Rethinking First Year English as First Year Writing Across the Curriculum
    Double Helix, 1

After graduation from Rutgers University, a stint on Wall Street, and several years as a music teacher, Will Higgins returned to graduate school at the College of New Jersey where he earned his Masters in Teaching. Students in his First Year English classes will learn to evaluate and sort through the vast sea of information available today as well as learn to form coherent and viable arguments. Plan to think out of the box as you discuss and analyze compelling readings supplemented with current multimedia materials. Combine this with his engaging writing instruction, and your First Year English experience will be memorable. You will work with your peers to critique and edit your rough drafts and collaborate with classmates as you improve your writing and communication skills. Will has been teaching at UMass Dartmouth for over ten years and also teaches English at Dartmouth High School.