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PhD Dissertations

Completed Dissertations

This chart includes a listing of dissertation titles and chairpersons by PhD students who have completed the program. The dissertation is an original research study that is required for the PhD degree.

YearNameTitleCommittee Chair
2022Fatima A. AlzyoudThat Influence Nurse Disrespect and Abuse Toward Laboring and Child-Birthing Women in Healthcare.Dr. Mary McCurry
2022Julianne WalshThe Effects of a Reflective Journaling Activity on Critical Reflective Thinking in Prelicensure Baccalaureate Nursing Students Post-Simulation-Based Education:  A Quasi-Experimental Model-Guided Study  Dr. Kristen Sethares
2021Dennis DohertyExploring the Charge Nurse Leadership Role and Practice Transition: A Qualitative Study of the Novice’s PerspectiveDr. Susan Hunter Revell
2021Susan WareingTransition to Long-Term Care for Elders with DementiaDr. Kristen Sethares
2021Terri LegareNovice Nurse Educators’ Perception of ReflectionDr. June Horowitz
2021Christine Ann Fournier BellExamination of Factors Affecting Therapeutic Attitude and Empowerment of Perianesthesia Nurses Who Care for Patients with Opioid Use DisorderDr. Mary McCurry
2021Chimizie AgomohHome Health Nurses’ Experiences of Caring for Adults with Schizophrenia in Home Settings in the United States: A Qualitative Descriptive StudyDr. Maryellen Brisbois
2021Lisa VanCottIdentifying the School Administrator’s Understanding of the School Nurse RoleDr. June Horowitz
2021Kathryn SaboKnowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Primary Healthcare Providers with Assessing and Supporting Older Informal CaregiversDr. Elizabeth Chin
2021Destiny BradyExploring the Implicit Ethical Values in Nurse Faculty Stories: A Qualitative Descriptive StudyDr. Susan Hunter Revell
2020Christine DevineNursing Student Perceptions of Academic and Clinical IntegrityDr. Elizabeth Chin
2020Jane MurphyPediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurse Spirituality, Stress, Coping, Spiritual Well-Being and Intent to Leave the Discipline: A Mixed- methods StudyDr. Elizabeth Chin
2019Melissa Lynn DesrochesNurses’ Attitudes and Emotions Toward Caring for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities: A Cross-Sectional, Correlational-Predictive Research StudyDr. Kristen Sethares
2019Mirinda Gaye Brown TyoPredictors of Resilience and Burdening Family Caregivers of Individuals with Opioid Use DisorderDr. Mary McCurry
2019Mary Elizabeth CoughlinChronic Sorrow in Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderDr. Kristen Sethares
2019Karen Quinn DohertyIn Search of the Art of Nursing Within Nursing Education: A Qualitative Descriptive Study of Nursing Faculty PerceptionsDr. Mary McCurry
2019Shannon Avery-DesmaraisMinority Stress and Problematic Substance Use in a Population of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual NursesDr. Kristen Sethares
2018Jennifer Angela Fearon-LynchEffects of Guided Reflection on Diabetes Mellitus Self-Care: A Randomized Controlled TrialDr. Kristen Sethares
2018Lisa Jean ThomasPerceptions of Resilience Among Baccalaureate Nursing Students: A Qualitative Descriptive StudyDr. Marilyn Asselin
2018Rachel AllenThe Roles of Massachusetts Mental Health Center in Formulating the Community Mental Health Centers Act of 1963Dr. Mary McCurry
2018Mary-Elizabeth SosaPhysical Activity in Women to Prevent Cardiac Disease: A Qualitative Study to Investigate Self-Management of Cardia Disease Risk Through Physical ActivityDr. Kristen Sethares
2018Maria Virgen VasquezA Qualitative Descriptive Study of the Experiences of Living Kidney DonorsDr. Marilyn Asselin
2018Susan Lynn TaylorDevelopment and Validation of a Service-Learning Outcomes Assessment Instrument for Pre-Licensure Nursing StudentsDr. Elizabeth Chin
2017William DeaneTransitioning to Concept-based Teaching: A Qualitative Descriptive Study from the Nurse Educator’s PerspectiveDr Marilyn Asselin
2017Robbin Dawn Miraglia Exploring the Reflective Practices of Newly Graduated Nurses: A Qualitative Descriptive StudyDr. Marilyn Asselin
2017Marva V. FosterHeart Failure Self-care with the Aid of a Smartphone ApplicationDr. Kristen Sethares
2017Kristen CoreyPredictors of Psychological Outcomes in Former Caregivers of People with DementiaDr. Mary McCurry
2017Sharon KeatingText Messaging as in Intervention for Weight Loss in Overnight and Obese Emerging AdultsDr. Mary McCurry
2017Rayna LetourneauThe Effect of Transition to Practice Programs on the Self-Assessment of Newly Licensed Registered Nurses’ Confidence in Quality and Safety Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes Attainment in the Hospital-Based SettingDr. Mary McCurry
2017Andrea S. HansenLiving with Uncertainty: Perspective of Those Living with Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Qualitative Descriptive StudyDr. Susan Hunter Revell
2016Nancy MurphyNursing Assessment and Interventions to Manage Acute Pain in the Preterm Neonate: Practice AnalysisDr. Gail Russell
2016Patricia DwyerMultilevel Influences on New Graduate Nurse Burnout and Turnover IntentDr. Susan Hunter Revell
2016 Amy E Bruno  Fatigue in Parkinson’s Disease: A Qualitative Descriptive Study Exploring the Individual’s Perspective Dr. Susan Hunter Revell
2016Kathleen Plante RN-BS Students’ Perceptions of Instructor Caring in Online Nursing Courses: A Mixed-Method StudyDr. Maryellen Brisbois
2016Coleen TorontoHealth Literacy Competencies for Registered Nurses: An E-Delphi StudyDr. Barbara Weatherford
2015Jennifer Dunbar ViveirosThe testing effect phenomenon as an intervention to improve memory performance in heart failure patientsDr. Kristen Sethares
2015Margaret Sheridan MockHealth Literacy Measurement in Hospitalized Community Dwelling Adults with Heart Failure: A Feasibility StudyDr. Kristen Sethares
2015Patricia Rice Willis Caring for Women who Experience a Perinatal Loss: A Qualitative Descriptive Study from the Nurses’ PerspectiveDr. Marilyn Asselin
2014Kristine BattyFactors Affecting Resilience in Families with an Adult Member with DiabetesDr. James Fain
2014Kathleen M. DowneyPerceptions of Transition to Nurse Among Accelerated Graduate Entry Students: A Qualitative Descriptive Study A Dissertation in NursingDr. Marilyn Asselin
2014Louise J SullivanThriving: Explicating the Concept for Elder Residents in Long Term Care: A Qualitative StudyDr. Marilyn Asselin
2013Michelle McMahon Effectiveness of Problem-Based Learning on the Clinical Judgment Abilities and Ambiguity Tolerance of Baccalaureate Nursing Students During High Fidelity SimulationDr. Marilyn Asselin
2012Janet Lusk Monagle Effect of Modeling on Clinical Judgment in Nursing Students During SimulationDr. Kerry Fater
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