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APRN Preceptor Benefits

Nurse Practitioner APRN Preceptor Benefits Policy

 As an APRN preceptor for UMassD students, you are a role model and mentor for our advance practice nursing students. We are very grateful for your willingness to partner with us to assure excellent clinical education for our students. Through this partnership we are creating the next generation of nurse practitioners prepared to advance the health of our communities.

UMassD APRN preceptors will have access to the following:

  • One full graduate-level 3-credit tuition waiver for every 250 precepted hours*
  • Clinical preceptor hours that count toward APRN recertification as allowed by certifying body
  • Annual UMassD Preceptor Appreciation Dinner that includes a CEU program
  • Library access
  • UMassD College of Nursing and Health Sciences newsletter
  • Partial reimbursement for registration at the Massachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners New England Regional Spring Conference. Available for up to 10 APRN participants per year.

*APRN Tuition Waiver Benefit Policy:

A preceptor who completes 250 hours of clinical preceptorship is eligible to earn a course tuition waiver* for one nursing course (3 credits). After successfully completing two nursing courses as a non-degree student, individuals may formally apply to one of our graduate program offerings, and can continue to serve as a preceptor and continue to earn course tuition waivers.

Preceptors must ensure that their precepted hours are documented in Typhon or the current application system within 6 weeks after completion of the assignment. When registering for a nursing course for which tuition waiver is requested, preceptors must notify the DNP Graduate Program Director at least eight weeks in advance of the semester start date. Course registration is based on seat availability.

*This waiver covers the tuition cost of the course and does not include any other fees.

Have questions? See the FAQs APRN Benefits.


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