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The College of Nursing & Health Sciences offers state-of-the-art Labs.

Therapeutics Lab

This lab is a client simulation area utilized for practicing learned nursing skills. Models, equipment, and supplies are available for group and individual practice.

Physical assessment exam rooms

Assessment tools are available in these individual examination rooms that are used for practicing interactive physical examination and evaluation skills. Practice time can also be reserved outside of class as students are encouraged to work with a partner to practice these skills.

Mail folders

Each nursing student is assigned a Nursing "mail folder" (which is located in the Therapeutics Lab's foyer).

General guidelines

  • Entrance to lab areas is through the Dion 203 and Dion 207.
  • Please enter this area quietly, as classes may be in session. 
  • All lab areas are to be left neat. Reusable equipment and supplies are to be returned to their proper areas; all disposable are to be placed in the proper receptacles. 
  • As client simulation areas, these areas should be left as you would leave your client's area - neat.
  • Every effort is made to eliminate latex and any other potentially allergy-causing materials from our inventory.

Equipment loans

With the Lab Director's approval, some items may be borrowed for student practice or client interactions. These items must be returned by the due date. Borrowing privileges will be forfeited and grades can be withheld until items are returned. Any lost or damaged items should be reported to the Lab Director as soon as possible.