"Sexuality in Brazilian Media" by Shirley Nigri Farber

October 16, 2019 - 11am | Charlton College of Business

Shirley Nigri Farber

Please join us for the workshop "Sexuality in Brazilian Media" by Shirley Nigri Farber, next October 16, 2019, at 11am

The workshop will explore the objectification of women in Brazilian Media, while also drawing comparisons with other exploitation strategies utilized in the United States.

Brazilian women are known for their beauty and sensuality. The super sexy image of the Brazilian woman is emphasized every day in the media. We are going to discuss if this is just a marketing strategy or do Brazilian women take advantage of this stereotype/fantasy? How does this affect the way society represents Brazilian and American women?

Shirley Nigri Farber
Was born in Rio de Janeiro and moved to the Boston area in 2001. She has worked at Brazilian TV stations, magazines, newspapers, and radio in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. In 2005, she created the “Bate Papo Com Shirley” TV show, currently broadcasted in 5 states in New England on Comcast on Demand. The program features interviews with Portuguese speakers, immigrants and local Americans. She launched the Bate Papo Magazine, and in 2009 she started the Jewish magazine Shalom, geared to American Jews. She often lectures on topics related to immigrants, women’s issues, Brazil, Judaism, and Israel.

Date: Wednesday October 16, 2019 11am CCB 341
Local: Charlton College of Business  (Park in Lot 14)

For additional info please contact Prof. Victor Mendes.

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