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Frequently asked questions

There are two kinds of student employment on campus: Federal Work-Study and non work-study. Essentially they are the same, except for the source of funding.

Federal Work-Study jobs are funded by the Federal government and are available only to students who have Work-Study as part of their financial aid award.

Non-work-study jobs are funded by the hiring department and are available to all students who wish to work on campus. While you may have more than one job on campus, you may have only one Federal Work-Study job.

There are many types of jobs available for both Federal Work-Study and non work-study employees. Students have the opportunity to work for a variety of employers, such as the library, the athletic center, the campus center, the computer support group, the web development team, housing and many others. There are also opportunities to work off-campus through the Federal Work-Study program at non-profit agencies. You'll find all the available job listings at CORSAIR Jobs.

No, you will be paid an hourly wage for work performed and receive a paycheck every two weeks. There is a direct deposit is available through HR Direct.

It is up to you to find your job. While Student Employment staff are here to support you in your job search, we aren't able to place you in a job. You'll use CORSAIR Jobs to search for jobs, contact supervisors, and complete forms.

You must also complete an I-9 form. The I-9 requires presentation of specific ORIGINAL forms of identification as listed on the back of the form. Many students present a photo ID and a Social Security card.

We are located in the Financial Aid Office: Administration Building, Room 105.


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