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Student Payroll Authorization Change Form: is used to make changes to previously submitted hiring forms. Available from the Student Employment Office. It is not available in a downloadable format.

Required form for new student employees

I-9 form (PDF) - Employment Eligibility Verification submitted to the Student Employment Office. This form requires specific original forms of identification to be presented when submitting hiring paperwork. Complete page 1. Acceptable documents are listed on page 3.

Form W-4 - This form is for 2020.  This form is required if you are claiming any other withholding than single with 0 dependants.  

NOTE: All other forms for new student employees are available through CORSAIR Jobs.

Additional forms and links

Human Resources Forms page - For a direct deposit form and instructions on how to set up direct deposit online. 

Student Employment Handbook

Student Employment Evaluation Form - for supervisors to use when conducting student employee employment reviews. It is recommended that supervisors complete this form at the end of each semester.

FWS Tracking Sheet 19-20 - to assist supervisors and students in tracking Federal Work-Study balances.

Confidentiality Agreement - All supervisors are encouraged to have students complete a Confidentiality Agreement.



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