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The full-time faculty at the University of Massachusetts School of Law - Dartmouth is comprised of a diverse group of teachers and scholars with substantial academic and practice experience. Their academic interests are wide ranging.

The faculty includes experts in many areas of law, such as: 

  • immigration law
  • constitutional law
  • criminal law
  • corporate law
  • commercial law
  • bankruptcy law
  • family law
  • intellectual property law
  • cyber law
  • international law

The University of Massachusetts School of Law-Dartmouth takes pride in treating each student as an individual and committing academic and administrative resources to the success of each student.

Faculty profiles

Mary Lu Bilek

Jason Potter Burda

Philip E. Cleary

Ralph D. Clifford

Spencer E. Clough  

Kevin Connelly

Margaret Drew

Dwight G. Duncan

Justine A. Dunlap

Hillary B. Farber

Rebecca Flanagan

Michael G. Hillinger 

Jeremiah Ho

George Jacobs

Francis J. Larkin

Carol Mallory

Eric J. Mitnick

Richard Peltz-Steele

Frances Howell Rudko 

Irene M. Scharf

Shaun B. Spencer

Amanda M. Spratley


Adjunct faculty

The full-time faculty is complemented by experienced, well-qualified jurists and practicing attorneys who serve as adjunct faculty.





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