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Mission & Strategic Goals


The mission of the College of Arts & Sciences is to prepare all students for lifelong learning, productive and rewarding work, self-governance, and responsible democratic citizenship.

The College of Arts & Sciences houses and supports undergraduate and graduate programs in the humanities, sciences and social sciences. We are committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Our academic programs provide learning experiences that encourage free and rigorous pursuit of knowledge, intellectual curiosity, respect for differing points of view and cultures, appreciation of personal expression, and awareness of the role of an educated citizen in a democratic society. The College develops students who think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, and participate actively in their communities. We prepare well-educated, thoughtful, and contributing citizens of the world.

The programs within the College of Arts and Sciences enhance the university experience by providing opportunities for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students to engage in basic and applied research projects. Our members engage in the creation of new knowledge and provide opportunities for participating in communities of research critical to the education mission of CAS. 

Strategic goals

  • Provide variety of academic disciplines, epistemologies, and research methods
  • Prepare students for productive work
  • Empower students to learn throughout their lives
  • Offer courses and curricula that engage
  • Provide internships, research experiences, experiential learning, and service learning
  • Engage in research that extends the frontiers of knowledge
  • Investigate critical issues in culture, nature, and social systems
  • Communicating scholarly insights to the broader public and
  • Contribute expertise to debates on current concerns

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