Careers for Chemists

What are the possible for career paths for a student planning to major in chemistry? Research, academia, medicine, government, teaching, law enforcement and business and industry are just some of the opportunities.

To learn more, review the Career Resources Center's What can I do with this major? page for chemistry majors. (PDF file) And consider the many options within the field of chemistry:


  • biotechnology
  • molecular biology
  • medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry
  • nutrition
  • medicine
  • health-related sciences and industry

Analytical chemistry

  • clinical chemistry
  • bioanalytical chemistry

Organic chemistry

  • medicine, health, pharmaceuticals
  • cosmetics
  • food science
  • agricultural industries

Inorganic chemistry

  • petroleum industry
  • geology
  • environmental labs

Forensic chemistry

  • law, law enforcement, patents
  • government: FBI, CIA, EPA, FDA, Army and Navy research labs

Computational chemistry

  • computer industry
  • statistics

Physical chemistry

  • chemical engineering
  • physics