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AfterMath Symposium

The AfterMath SymposiumSM at UMass Dartmouth (AMS@UMassDSM) is an alumni program held annually or semiannually in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Dartmouth. The inaugural symposium was started by Yanlai Chen in April 2016 through a CAS grant.

The idea is to invite a handful of recent, prominent math graduates back to the department to interact with the currently enrolled majors. The usual format is a meet-and-greet session, followed by each alumnus giving one brief talk. The highlight is a panel discussion after the talks where the anchor and the panelists discuss a variety of topics actively engaging the majors in the audience. The event usually ends with a light reception.

The goals of this annual program include

  • building a formal community of mathematics alumni,
  • keeping the current students better informed of the wealth of opportunities after graduation and how they should prepare themselves while on campus,
  • providing the alumni a platform for interacting with and possibly hiring outgoing majors, and finally
  • channeling research topics from various industries back to the classroom.

Here are the links to the symposia over the years:

We are on Facebook!

A STEAM Profile video featuring our alumnus, Jorge Fernandes.

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