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Steve Leon photoSteven J. Leon
Chancellor Professor Emeritus

Scientific Computing, Linear Algebra, and Numerical Optimization

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Center for Scientific Computing & Visualization Research



  • Linear Algebra with Applications 9th Edition

    9th edition
     US Edition
  • Pearson Companion Web site for the 9th edition

    Additional Web resources are available for the 9th edition using this link.  Two supplementary online chapters can also be downloaded from the Pearson Web site or from the links below.

    • Supplemental Chapters: (Click on chapter title to download)

    Chapter_9_Canonical Forms 

    •  Leon8Errata  
           For those still using the 8th edition of the book, the link above provides a list of the errata we have discovered. We will provide a similar link for the 9th edition once we actually find some items that need to be corrected. ‌If you discover any errata in the 9th edition, please send them to Steve Leon so that corrections can be made in later printings of the book.

    • Companion manuals (partial list)
      All companion manuals listed below are available at little or no extra charge when
      ordered as a bundle with the 8th edition. To order a 2-book bundles use the link, 
      Leon 8e packages, or contact your Pearson sales representative to obtain the ISBN
      for the bundle. 

      • ATLAST Computer Exercises for Linear Algebra, 2nd ed.
        by Steven J. Leon, Eugene Herman, and Richard Faulkenberry. ATLAST book, 2nd edition 
      • Student Study Guide, 9E by Steven J. Leon.
      • Visualizing Linear Algebra using Maple by Sandra Keith
      • Understanding Linear Algebra using MATLAB by Irwin and Margaret Kleinfeld 
      • Linear Algebra Labs with MATLAB, 3rd ed. by David R. Hill and David E. Zitarelli 
      • A Maple Supplement for Linear Algebraby John Maloney


  •  Previous Editions of the Linear Algebra Book

First Edition
Second Edition
Third edition
Fourth Edition 
First edition Second Edition Third edition Fourth edition
Fifth Edition  Sixth Edition  Seventh Edition
8th Edition
Fifth edition Sixth edition Seventh edition  Eighth edition


  • Translations


Second edition Armenian translation Third edition Spanish translation Fourth Edition Portuguese Translation Fifth edition Indonesian translation
Armenian edition (2nd)
Spanish edition (3rd)
Portuguese edition (4th)
Indonesian edition (5th)
Fifth edition Korean translation  Sixth edition Korean translation  Seventh Edition Korean translation Korean 8th edition
Korean edition (5th)
Korean Edition (6th) Korean edition (7th)
      Korean edition (8th)
‌‌Sixth Edition traditional Chinese translation Seventh Edition Traditional Chinese 8th edition Traditional Chinese, Taiwan‌   8th edition Portuguese translation
Taiwan Chinese ed (6th)  Taiwan Chinese ed (7th)  Taiwan Chinese ed (8th)   Portuguese edition (8th)
Seventh Edition Simplified Chinese 8th edition Chinese translation, simplified 9th Edition Chinese   9th ed Chinese - Back Cover
Chinese Mainland China (7th)
Mainland China (8th)
Mainland China (9th)
 9th Chinese back cover


  • International Editions

International Third edition
4th International Edition

Fifth International Edition

Sixth International edition

3rd International  * 4th International 5th International  6th International 
 Sixth International edition PR China Seventh Edition International      Seventh International edition PR China 7th Edition International with traditional Chinese annotations
6th International 7th International   7th International  7th International


8th edition International

 Eighth International Edition  9th global edition

8th International

 8th International  8th International  9th Global Edition


  •    Custom Editions


 Custom edition UCI  Custom editon UC Irvine  3rd UC Irvine edition
1st UC Irvine edition 2nd UC Irvine edition   3rd UC Irvine edition
 Texas A & M custom edition with Susan Colley Arizona State Custom 7th edition   
 Leon & Colley, Texas A & M ed  Arizona State edition  

* I do not own a copy of the 4th International edition pictured above. There may be additional translations, international editions, or custom editions that I do not know about. If you have information or cover scans of editions not pictured above please send them to me. I would like to obtain copies of any missing books to add to my collection.  If you have a copy of an edition that I need for my collection and would like to sell or trade it, let me know. In trade I can offer an unused hard cover copy of the 9th edition of the book.

Book Calendars
 To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the publication of Linear Algebra with Applications we made up a special linear algebra calendar for the year 2010. The calendar featured covers from various editions of the book. We have now included linear algebra calendars for the years 2011 and 2012.


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