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The department members have active research agenda attracting persistent support from federal agencies including National Science Foundation, Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), and Office of Naval Research (ONR). Below is a list of federally funded projects since 2008 with department members serving PI, totaling $6,096,182. (color coding: green for equipment, cyan for conference).

Federal Agency

Award Number


Principal Investigator

Awarded Amount (to date)


NSF 1719698 Supplement

Rigorous Development of an Efficient Reduced Collocation Approach for High-Dimensional Parametric Partial Differential Equations

Yanlai Chen


Sigal Gottlieb
NSF 2110496

Rapid, High-Fidelity Numerical Models of Gravitational Waves from Generic Binary Black Hole Mergers

Scott Field



Computational Strategies for Scientific Data-Driven Learning for Marine and UnderSea Technology Applications

Alfa Heryudono


Yanlai Chen

Sigal Gottlieb

Gaurav Khanna



Implementation of a Contextualized Computing Pedagogy in STEM Core Courses and Its Impact on Undergraduate Student Academic Success, Retention, and Graduation

Yanlai Chen


Pauline Entin

Sigal Gottlieb

Shakhnoza Kayumova

Gaurav Khanna



Partition of Unity Multivariate Approximation for the Volume of Fluid Method

Alfa Heryudono


Mehdi Raessi



Collaborative Research: Efficient, Accurate, and Structure-Preserving Numerical Methods for Phase Fields-Type Models with Applications

Cheng Wang




High Order Numerical Methods for Gravitational Wave Computations

Scott Field


Sigal Gottlieb

Gaurav Khanna



Efficient Strong Stability Time Discretizations and Robust Automated Splitting for Time Evolution of Problems with Multiple Time-Scales

Sigal Gottlieb


Yanlai Chen
NSF 1818998 Multiscale and Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Dispersive Equations and Systems Bo Dong $269,185.00  
NSF 1806665 Maximizing Scientific Outcomes of Gravitational Wave Experiments with Rapid, High-Fidelity Numerical Models Scott Field  $193,437.00  
National Institute of Aerospace


2017 - 2018

High-order Compact Discontinuous Galerkin
for Unstructured Grids
 Scott Field  $26,560  
ONR DURIP grant N00014-18-1-2255 A Heterogeneous Terascale Computing Cluster for the Development and Efficient Implementation of High-Order Numerical Methods Sigal Gottlieb $643,899.00  Tandon, Heryudono, Mayes, Cowles, Khanna, Field, Chen, Raessi, Tootkaboni, Dong, Bucci
 NSF 1720825 Workshop: Recent Advances and Challenges in Discontinuous Galerkin Methods and Related Approaches Yanlai Chen $15,000.00 Bo Dong
 NSF 1719698 Rigorous Development of an Efficient Reduced Collocation Approach for High-Dimensional Parametric Partial Differential Equations Yanlai Chen $158,494.00 Sigal Gottlieb
AFOSR  FA9550-15-1-0235 High Order Strong Stability Time Discretizations Beyond the Method-of-Lines Framework Sigal Gottlieb $271,299.00  
 NSF 1419029 Development of superconvergent hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin methods and mixed methods for Korteweg-de Vries type equations Bo Dong $129,939.00  
 NSF 1418689 Highly efficient and accurate numerical schemes for nonlinear gradient flows with energy stability Cheng Wang $189,998.00  
 NSF 1318427 Computation of crowded geodesics on the universal Teichmueller space for planar shape matching in computer vision Akil Narayan $198,300.00 Alfa Heryudono
AFOSR FA9550-12-1-0224 Tailoring High Order Time Discretizations for use with spatial discretizations of  hyperbolic PDEs Sigal Gottlieb   $248,636.00  
 NSF 1216928 Developing reduced basis methods for Galerkin and Collocation framework Yanlai Chen $161,113.00  
 NSF 1115420 Collaborative Research: Stable and Efficient Convexity-splitting Schemes for Bistable Gradient PDEs Cheng Wang $104,283.00  
 NSF 1040883 CBMS Regional Conference in the Mathematical Sciences-"Radial Basis Functions: Mathematical Developments and Applications" Saeja Kim $35,000.00 Sigal Gottlieb, Cheng Wang, Alfa Heryudono
AFOSR DURIP FA9550-10-1-0354 A Heterogeneous Terascale Computing Cluster for the Development of GPU Optimized High Order Numerical Methods Sigal Gottlieb   $199,800.00  
NSF  CNS-0959382 MRI-R2 : Acquisition of a Heterogenous Terascale Shared Campus Computing Facility Robert Fisher $199,480.00 Gaurav Khanna, Cheng Wang, Geoffrey Cowles
 AFOSR FA9550-09-1-0208 High Order Strong Stability Preserving Time Discretizations for the Time Evolution of Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations Sigal Gottlieb  $148,187.00  
 NSF 802974 RUI: CSUMS: Research in Scientific Computing in Undergraduate Education (RESCUE) Sigal Gottlieb $788,985.00 Gary Davis, Steven Leon, Jae-Hun Jung

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