An English Alumna's Fast Track to Success

english alumna at unitedhealth job

In May 2015, Amanda Butcher accepted her college diploma and put her undergraduate studies behind her. Now, she is focusing on her new job, which starts June 22nd.

Her job - Senior Technology Development Program Associate - grew out of an internship with UnitedHealth Group, which runs an innovative program that puts new college grads on a fast track to leadership positions. Butcher is part of that accelerated program, and she couldn't be more excited.

"I'll be learning about small business insurance," she said. "And as part of the Technology Development Program, I'll be able to travel and meet people."

As optimistic as she is, Butcher does have some concerns about leaving the UMass Dartmouth community. She is leaving a small college community and joining a worldwide company that has over 80,000 employees.

That's a little unnerving. But for Butcher, she worries most about her love of fiction writing.

"I'm worried that I will become a workaholic because I'm really passionate about my new job," Butcher said. "I don't want to lose fiction writing because of my full-time job."

Despite her concerns, the English alumna is confident that she has the skills to be a successful technical writer. Her job will focus on being a liaison between software developers and business analysts. In a sense, she will be their translator and help make their work more accessible.

"The most important skill I have for this job is knowing how to communicate," Butcher said. "I know my audience, I'm aware that they exist, and I know how to communicate with business analysts and developers."

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