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Political science majors learn much about politics in the classroom.  However, learning in an applied, "real-world" setting is an important component of education as well.  To that end, the department requires all of its majors to complete an off-campus internship in a position involving government, politics, public policy, and/or law.  The internship is typically completed by students in their senior or junior year.

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The highlights are:

● Students enroll in PSC 305, typically in their junior or senior year.

● Work schedule and responsibilities are arranged with the students' supervisor.

● Provides on-the-job tastes of what different careers offer.

● Gives resume-quality experience for further study and employment.

● Offers networking opportunities.

● Make a meaningful contribution to local, state and national organizations.

● Additional requirements are involved; consult with the internship coordinator for more information.

Students are encouraged to arrange an internship that is conducive to their academic interests and long-term career plans. This course is different than most as it provides students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a workplace setting.  Rather than focusing entirely upon classroom lectures and assignments, the internship course seeks to give students the chance to do hands-on learning in a working environment.

Most students find the internship to be an extremely beneficial experience.  Many consider it the highlight of the undergraduate career and a significant number are offered a paid position at the completion of their internship.  Students are thus encouraged to take the internship very seriously and to position themselves to take advantage of any opportunities they may encounter.

For more information, contact the political science internship coordinator:
Prof. John Fobanjong
Telephone: 508 999-9117