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Public Policy

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The Department of Public Policy is an interdisciplinary academic department that, utilizing an online course format, offers a Master of Public Policy (MPP) program, as well as graduate certificates in environmental policyeducational policy, and public management. All of the Department's programs of study emphasize core instruction in the practical and applied dimensions of policymaking.

Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, the academic offerings of the department emphasize the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills to policy arenas including management, planning, political leadership, program evaluation, and policy analysis.

Graduates are prepared for a wide variety of employment opportunities and career advancement, including working in government, in private and non-profit sectors, in research organizations, and as consultants worldwide.

Master of Public Policy graduates

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Note on Graduate Certificates and the MPP Program

A completed graduate certificate waives the GRE requirement, letters of recommendation, personal statement, and transcript retrieval for those considering application to the Master of Public Policy (MPP) Program. In addition, each class counted towards the graduate certificate will be accepted into the MPP program (for certificate holders who apply and are accepted into the MPP program) so long as the student earned a 3.0 (B average) or higher in the course.

Students successfully completing the graduate certificate who wish to apply to the MPP program are expected to achieve a B (3.0) or higher in each of the four (4) courses taken to comprise the graduate certificate program. Students who fail to meet this minimum requirement are unlikely to be admitted to the MPP program. Apply to the MPP now at Online & Continuing Education.

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