Anthony Fisher

Associate Professor

Art & Design




College of Visual & Performing Arts 204E


1986Yale School of ArtMFA
1982Carnegie-Mellon UniversityBFA





Exploration of the human figure, its movement and form integrated within a spatial environment. Emphasis is placed on the development of visual literacy, critical analysis, and various modes of perception, representation, and expression. Selective visual decision-making concentrates on relationships of form and space.

Color, methods, materials. Introduction to color and the various methods and materials of painting that form the framework of learning to paint. Through work from direct observation of a variety of subjects, students learn to integrate shape, value and color in the creation of pictorial space and form. Students acquire the fundamental perceptual, technical, design and critical skills necessary to work in painting and begin to develop an understanding of the media.

Investigation of concepts, themes, and methods in contemporary figuration. Emphasis is placed on the exploration of concept, representation, media, and process, as well as the development of an individual creative voice. Students continue to develop visual literacy and critical analysis skills as well as explore various modes of perception, representation, and expression in the context of figuration.

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