Feature Stories 2022: Mary Roberts '22: Building a community

Mary Roberts, Class of 2022, Photography Major
Mary Roberts is a senior photography major and art history minor in the College of Visual and Performing Arts.
Feature Stories 2022: Mary Roberts '22: Building a community
Mary Roberts '22: Building a community

Senior photography major and art history minor from Springfield, MA

Describe UMass Dartmouth in one word.


When did you know UMassD was the right choice for you?

When I felt a connection growing with my professors and other artists in the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA), and especially when those connections turned into friendships.

What drew you to your major?

Ive been doing photography ever since I was a freshman in high school, so Ive really enjoyed continuing to create art during my time at UMass Dartmouth, working with other photographers, and my professors pushing me within my work.

How has CVPA prepared you for life after graduation?

My photography professors most definitely prepared me for a job in the field after graduation, especially preparing me to run my own business and work for myself. I will actually be coming back to UMassD in the fall to start my Art Education Master's degree online.

What are your favorite things about UMass Dartmouth?

My favorite thing about UMass Dartmouth is the community Ive built here! My favorite place is the Store Store for sure. My favorite class AND professor was Painting with Anthony Fisher! He is amazing.

What advice would you give to younger UMassD students?  

Get involved! Join every club or organization youre interested in! Building a community will make everything on campus more enjoyable. The Student Government Association (SGA) is the best way to have your voice heard on campus, make positive changes, speak directly to administrators, and advocate for fellow students. My time in SGA taught me so much about advocacy and leadership. I would push all future UMassD students to get involved!


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