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Student Government Association

‌‌A place where any student can voice his or her opinions and concerns.
We need student input to make our University first class!


The Student Government represents the student body through popular election. This body serves as a collective voice of the students in student affairs, academic, safety, and various other areas of the university. One if the primary functions of the Student Government is to approve the formations of new organizations and to provide funding so that the interest of every student group is represented.  They are repeatedly appointed as student representatives to faculty and administrative committees, bringing the student voice to forums where it is heard.

The SGA consists of senators who are elected to a year term in the spring semester: three from each of the four classes; one each for the residential students and one for commuter; and twenty from the five colleges based on proportions. Students are encouraged to participate actively in Student Government Committees.

SGA encourages students to stop by our office on the second floor of the Campus Center.


The purpose of the UMass Dartmouth Student Government Association is:

  • To provide a forum for the expression of student views and interests;
  • To provide leadership in the areas of cooperation and understanding among the students of this University;
  • To act as the students' liaisons to the UMass community, the Commonwealth's higher educational system and the government of the Commonwealth;
  • To facilitate student rights, views, and interests by recommending policy to the University, the UMass system, and the government of the Commonwealth;
  • To endeavor to provide adequate funding for programs affecting curricular, extracurricular, and cultural activities; and
  • To coordinate student political life with other student groups and organizations.

Membership Requirements

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student body; any student who is currently registered for at least one course bearing a minimum of three academic credits. Only members of the student body are eligible to vote in student government elections.

Qualifications for membership

Any student represented by the SGA, registered for at least 9 credits, and in good academic and judicial standing in accordance with the UMass Dartmouth policy may stand for election to the SGA.

Social Media Sites

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