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Graduate Student Senate



The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth encourages and endorses the active engagement of students in shared governance. The principles of shared governance require that all constituencies are able to deliberate and express opinions on matters related to their programs and activities, and have the opportunity to recommend appropriate actions to the Chancellor.

The complex nature of today's university requires that students have a meaningful voice in shaping the activities and programs that affect them directly. Working collaboratively with the UMass Dartmouth Office of Graduate Studies and the Division of Student Affairs, and more broadly with the administration and faculty, the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) works to address the goals, interests, concerns, and professional development of graduate students at UMass Dartmouth. 

The purpose of the Graduate Student Senate is to:

  • Serve as a resource and advocate for the UMass Dartmouth graduate students;
  • Represent the goals, interests, concerns, and professional development of the graduate student population of UMass Dartmouth; 
  • Facilitate community and communication among graduate students in different Colleges, Schools, and Departments of UMass Dartmouth;
  • Identify and address current and emerging needs of UMass Dartmouth graduate students. 

For more information about the Graduate Student Senate, please visit the GSS website or email

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