Caroline Gelmi


Caroline Gelmi, PhD she/her

Assistant Professor

English & Communication

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Liberal Arts 337


2014Tufts UniversityPhD
2007Tufts UniversityMA
2006Boston CollegeBA


  • American Literature, 1865-1945
  • American Poetry and Poetics
  • American Modernism
  • Literary and Critical Theory
  • Speculative Fiction





A foundation course for all English majors, examining traditions and innovations in literature and in the study of literature in English. Students develop writing and research skills in the discipline and improve their knowledge of literary terms and forms, literary history and conventions, literary influence, and new and emerging forms and approaches. Genres studied include poetry, drama, fiction, and literary (creative) non-fiction. The course also examines key issues in the profession of literary studies, such as the development of departments of literature, canon formation, and the relationship of literary theory to literary practice.

A foundation course for English majors in the literature concentration. Introduce students to literary criticism, as well as critical thinking and writing in English Studies. Emphasis in on the application of principles and methods of literary study to selected texts, which prepares students to examine and respond to texts from a variety of critical perspectives.

A study of the 20th-century American novel including Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Faulkner, West, and McCullers.

A study of major American poets of this century from Frost to Richard Wilbur.


Online and Continuing Education Courses

A study of the 20th-century American novel including Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Faulkner, West, and McCullers.
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Research interests

  • Late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American poetry and poetics
  • Historical poetics
  • Lyric theory and modernity
  • Race and American poetry and poetics

Select publications

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  • Caroline Gelmi (2022).
    "Vachel Lindsay and the Primitive Singing of the New Poetry"
    Journal of Modern Literature, 45
  • Caroline Gelmi (2021).
    "New Poetry's Dead Folk: Whiteness and Community in Spoon River Anthology"
    The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945
  • Caroline Gelmi (2020).
    "The Speaker, Photographed: Paul Laurence Dunbar's Poems of Cabin and Field"
    J19: The Journal of Nineteenth-Century Americanists, 8, 67-95.
  • Caroline Gelmi (2020).
    Review of In Plain Sight: Nineteenth-Century American Women's Poetry and the Problem of Literary History, by Alexandra Socarides
    Nineteenth-Century Literature, 75, 403-406.
  • Caroline Gelmi (2014).
    “The Pleasures of Merely Circulating: Sappho and Early American Newspaper Poetry”
    Nineteenth-Century Literature, 69