Kenneth Oliveira

Professor / Chairperson





Violette Research 106


1986University of Massachusetts DartmouthB.S. in Biology
1989University of Massachusetts DartmouthM.S. in Biology
1994University of Rhode IslandPh.D in Biology


  • Advanced Ichthyology
  • General Ecology Laboratory
  • Biology of Fishes
  • Biology of Organisms Laboratory
  • General Biology




Research Activities

  • Examinations of the distribution and physiological effects of the recently introduced swimbladder parasite on eels
  • Changes in the digestive system during the adult metamorphosis of eels
  • Sex determination of eels
  • Effects of contaminants on gametogenesis
  • Development of artificial fertilization methods


Research Interests

  • Biology of fishes with an emphasis on the biology of American eels
  • Life history strategies
  • Age and growth of fishes

Select publications

J. Byer, M. Alaee, R. Brown, M. Lebeuf, S. Backus, M. Keir, G. Pacepavicius, J. Casselman. C. Belpaire, K. Oliveira, G. Verreault, and P. Hodson (2013).
Spatial trends of dioxin-like compounds in Atlantic anguillid eels
Chemosphere, 91(10), 1439-1446.

W.J. Duffy, R.S. McBride, M. L. Hendricks and K. Oliveira (2012).
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society
Otolith age validation and growth estimation from oxytetracycline-marked and recaptured American shad Alosa sapidissima, 141:6, 1664-1671.

W.J. Duffy, R.S. McBride, S.X. Cadrin, and K. Oliveira (2011).
Transactions of the American Fisheries Society
Is Cating's method of transverse groove counts to annuli applicable for all stocks of American shad?, 140(4), 1023-1034.

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