Tara Rajaniemi

Associate Professor





Violette Research 205A


1995 Florida State University B.A. in Biology
2001 University of Michigan Ph.D in Biology


  • Topics in Biology—Campus Biodiversity
  • Ecology and Environmental Issues
  • Biology of Populations Laboratory
  • Plant Biology
  • Community Ecology

Research interests

  • Investigation of the mechanisms that determine species diversity and composition in plant communities

Select publications

Rajaniemi, T.K., Goldberg, D.E., Turkington, R., and Dyer, A.R. (2012).
Local filters limit species diversity, but species pools determine composition
Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, 14, 373-380.

Messina, D.S. and Rajaniemi, T.K. (2011).
Does the seed bank reflect plant distributions in a coastal dune?
Northeastern Naturalist, 18, 107-114.

Rajaniemi, T.K. (2011).
Competition for patchy soil resources reduces community evenness
Oecologia, 165, 169-174.

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