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Global Health minor

Global Health Minor

The minor in Global Health will provide undergraduate students with multidisciplinary exposure to the theoretical, scientific, and practical issues affecting the health of people on the global stage.

Open to undergraduates from all majors and administered by the College of Nursing & Health Sciences, the Global Health minor inspires student learning and engagement with critical societal issues around the world and encourages students to contribute toward the greater good.

Student Success

The minor in Global Health prepares you for graduate studies in this field as well as careers in research, epidemiology, and public health.

The Global Health minor supports the goals of students who are planning health and health-related careers in research, teaching, or health services in a variety of settings, including universities, government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, or private industry.

Studies in global health also provide valuable training for those who plan advanced specialist health training in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, psychology, allied health, or public health. Completion of the global health minor will strengthen students’ capacity to participate across national and cultural borders and greatly enhance their knowledge for post-baccalaureate training or careers focusing on global issues.

More information about the Global Health minor

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