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Global Nursing

Nursing student taking blood pressure of young child in Haiti

College of Nursing students worked at a clinic in Haiti conducting well child assessments during their global nursing partnership.

Throughout its history, the College of Nursing & Health Sciences has provided a dynamic learning environment that promotes critical thinking, compassion, problem solving, and creativity while preparing health care professionals to succeed in a competitive field.

At a time of increasing globalization and widespread disease burden, the need for university students to be educated through a global lens is critical. Advances in technology can virtually connect us with people and information almost anywhere in the world. These changes in technology and beliefs have resulted in increasing awareness of global health issues, their relationship to local health issues, and ways to prevent, mitigate, or resolve them.

With increasing knowledge of pandemics, natural disasters, and climate-related changes, students from all disciplines will benefit from understanding the interconnectedness of current global health problems, epidemiology, social determinants of health, human rights, and socioeconomic development.

Minor in global health

A new minor in global health is open to undergraduates of all majors and will offer a multidisciplinary perspective that addresses the breadth of the global health field. Administered by the College of Nursing & Health Sciences, the minor in global health inspires student learning and engagement with critical societal issues around the world and encouarges students to contribute toward the greater good.

Learn more about the Global Health minor

Julia & Harold Plotnick Endowed Professorship for Global Nursing

The Julia and Harold Plotnick Endowed Professorship for Global Health in the College of Nursing & Health Sciences was established by Fall River native and (Ret.) Rear Admiral Julia Plotnick, former U.S. assistant surgeon general and chief nurse of the U.S. Public Health Service. Learn more

Endowment Reports

Global Nursing Partnerships

Global nursing programs and projects designed to enhance nursing practice and education will focus on their meaningful impact and sustainability within our partner organizations. Learn more