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Global Health

Global Health Minor

The minor in Global Health will provide undergraduate students with multidisciplinary exposure to the theoretical, scientific, and practical issues affecting the health of people on the global stage.

Open to undergraduates from all majors and administered by the College of Nursing & Health Sciences, the minor in global health inspires student learning and engagement with critical societal issues around the world and encourages students to contribute toward the greater good.

At a time of increasing globalization and widespread disease burden, the need for university students to be educated through a global lens is critical. With increasing knowledge of pandemics, natural disasters, and climate-related changes, students from all disciplines will benefit from understanding the interconnectedness of current global health problems, epidemiology, social determinants of health, human rights, and socioeconomic development.

Global Nursing Partnerships

Experiential learning opportunities are available on the international, national, and local level and are encouraged for students in the Global Health minor. One of the primary objectives is to facilitate a greater depth of understanding of the determinants and solutions to global health challenges. Global nursing programs and projects are designed to enhance nursing practice and education will focus on their meaningful impact and sustainability within our partner organizations. 

Learn more about global nursing partnerships.

Plotnick endowed professorship 

The Julia and Harold Plotnick Endowed Professorship for Global Health was established by Fall River native and (Ret.) Rear Admiral Julia Plotnick, former U.S. assistant surgeon general and chief nurse of the U.S. Public Health Service. This professorship supports leadership for a global program of research, interdisciplinary scholarship, and collaboration that facilitates a growing understanding of global health topics and the application of this knowledge into practice.

Curriculum for the Global Health Minor

For the minor in Global Health, you will complete 18 credits that include four required courses and two electives that provide interdisciplinary insight into the field.

Required courses:

  • GLH 200: Principles of Global Health
  • GLH 301: Introduction to Epidemiology
  • GLH 302: Emerging Trends in Global Health
  • GLH 400: Health Care Systems
  • Two electives, approved by the College of Nursing & Health Sciences, are required that will provide interdisciplinary insight into the field of global health.

For the minor in Global Health, you'll complete 18 credits.

Global Health Minor Advising Guide

Course descriptions, schedules and requirements

The goal of the Global Health minor is to increase students’ knowledge of:

  • the major disparities, determinants, policies, and outcomes in global health
  • the science of understanding the health of world populations through relevant methods of promoting and protecting health, emerging health issues, healthcare systems, and approaches to address problems and intervene
  • epidemiologic principles used to study population health and disease, including the relationship between culture and epidemiology, health equity issues, and human rights

Student success

Nursing students standing in front of hospital in the Azores
Bridging the Atlantic

To establish collaborative professional relationships, College of Nursing & Health Sciences students participate in Bridging the Atlantic: International Alliance in Community Health Nursing with the University of the Azores. The partnership, now in its fifth year, provides opportunities for student nurses in the United States and Portugal to improve health outcomes in both countries.

Global health minor prepares students for diverse careers and graduate studies

The minor in global health prepares you for graduate studies in this field as well as careers in research, epidemiology, and public health.

The Global Health minor supports the goals of students who are planning health and health-related careers in research, teaching, or health services in a variety of settings, including universities, government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, or private industry.

The minor also provides valuable training for those who plan advanced specialist health training in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, psychology, allied health, or public health. Completion of the global health minor will strengthen students’ capacity to participate across national and cultural borders and greatly enhance their knowledge for post-baccalaureate training or careers focusing on global issues.

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Global Health faculty

Jennifer Viveiros
Jennifer Viveiros, PhD
Kathleen Elliott
Kathleen Elliott
Maryellen Brisbois
Maryellen Brisbois, PhD

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Course descriptions, schedules and requirements

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