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Global Public Health Online

Program plan

Summer prior to Year 1  

  • NUR 605 Statistical Analysis Data (3cr)—Course offered during Summer Session only

Fall Year 1 

  • NUR 500 Theoretical Foundations for Advancing Nursing Practice  (3cr) 
  • NUR 520 The US Health Care Delivery System (3cr) 

Spring Year 1

  • NUR 511 Translating Research Evidence for Advancing Nursing Practice  (3cr)
  • NUR 547 Promoting the Health of Populations (3cr)  

Fall Year 2

  • NUR 540 Principles of Biostatics and Epidemiology (3cr)
  • NUR 510 Healthcare Informatics (3cr)    

Spring Year 2 

  • NUR 512 Integrated Physiologic Knowledge in Patient Care (3cr)  
  • NUR 673 Global Health Perspectives (3cr) 

Fall Year 3

  • NUR 615 Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Healthcare  (3cr)  
  • NUR 681 Program Planning for Nursing Practice (3cr)  

Spring Year 3 

  • NUR 684 Practicum in Global Public Health Nursing Practice (3cr) 
  • Elective (3cr)  

University requirements for graduate admissions

  • Submit an application via the online portal. Be sure to provide your full legal name and to capitalize the first letter of all proper nouns.
  • Pay non-refundable $60 application fee (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa) via the online portal. For Nursing applicants, the non-refundable application fee is $75.
  • Statement of Purpose, minimum 300 words. Unless otherwise indicated in the program requirement details, indicate your graduate study objectives, research interests and experience, and business or industry experience if applicable. If you are applying for a teaching or research assistantship, include any special skills or experience that would assist us in making assistantship decisions.
  • Resume
  • Transcripts for all post-secondary institutions attended (regardless of whether a credential is earned or not). Unofficial transcripts are accepted for admissions application review, once enrolled a final official transcript is required. International students applying for Data Science must submit semester-by-semester transcripts as well as consolidated transcripts. 
  • Many programs have specific recommendations/requirements, please see the additional program-specific requirements for more information.
  • International students: official TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson PTE or Duolingo (if accepted by program) score. Unofficial scores are accepted for admissions application review, once enrolled official scores are required and must be sent by the testing agency (copies/scans not accepted). This is required of any applicant who did not earn a bachelor’s degree or higher degree from an accredited academic institution in the U.S. or accepted English-speaking country, see exemptions for more details. The Duolingo test is not accepted for the following programs: Art Education, Biology/Marine Biology, Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies & Theory, Marine Science and Technology (MS, PSM, PhD), Nursing (MS, DNP, PhD), Portuguese Studies, Professional Writing and Communication, Psychology (ABA, Clinical, Research), and Public Policy. 
  • All official documents are required for enrollment, please have documents (ie. test scores) sent prior to the expiration. 

Program deadlines

Learning Style: Online

Online courses are taught by UMass Dartmouth faculty to provide high quality instruction and personal attention. Students have the flexibility to accommodate work and home responsibilities within the structure of defined assignment due dates. The majority of our online courses are taught asynchronously.