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Department of Biology seminar series - Spring 2018 Seminars

Fall 2018

Fridays at 12 noon, location TBA (generally SENG-118 or LIB-314)

9/14     Dr. Matthew Schaefers, Research Fellow, Boston Children's Hospital

            The function and evolution of a two-component system in Burkholderia cepacia complex 

9/21     Harrison Tobi, M.S. research proposal - Koop Lab
            Host selection and infection dynamics of a marine macroparasite          

9/21     Kathryn Marchetti, M.S. thesis defense - Kavanagh Lab
            Environmental correlates of primary muscle fiber size in Amphiprion clownfishes

9/28     Renee Halloran, Graduate student in O'Connor lab
            Thick or thin? Comparing induced defenses in snail congeners in response to an invasive crushing predator         

10/5     Dr. Lydia Mäthger, Assistant Scientist, Marine Biological Laboratory
            Why do some animals have such strange pupil shapes?  

10/12   Dr. Benedikt Mortzfeld, Postdoctoral Associate, Bucci/Silby labs
            Longevity factor FoxO controls development and microbiome resilience in Hydra       

10/19   Dr. Michael LeVine, D E Shaw Research, New York
            Characterizing gene regulation through the computational microscope 

10/26   Retreat weekend - no seminar

11/2     Dr. Scott Chimileski, Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School
            Imaging microbial activity through a macro lens

11/9     Dr. Susanne Menden-Deuer, Professor, University of Rhode Island
            Topic: Marine plankton food-web structure and function  

11/16   Dr. Susan Inglis, Research Associate at SMAST, UMassD
           Topic: Isotopes as physiological tracers for protein turnover

11/30   No seminar.

12/7     Student seminar(s), TBA

Spring 2018

2/23      Dr. Kathryn Kavanagh, Associate Professor, UMass Dartmouth Department of Biology

3/2        Dr. Rachel Jacuba, Science Director, Buzzards Bay Coalition

           Use of volunteer-collected water quality data to reduce nitrogen pollution in Buzzards Bay

3/9        Dr. Sean Colin, Professor, Roger Williams University

            Stealth and resilience: Predatory strategies that enable the small, delicate ctenophore, Mnemiopsis leidyi, to dominate the plankton

3/16      SPRING BREAK - no seminar

3/23      Dr. Bethany Jenkins, Associate Professor, University of Rhode Island

            Topic: Molecular biology/genetics of oceanic diatoms

3/30      Dr. Michael Tlusty, Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Boston

            Topic: Sustainable aquaculture

4/6        Dr. Gavin Fay, Assistant Professor, UMass Dartmouth, School of Marine Science and Technology, Fisheries Oceanography

            Topic: Modeling marine ecosystems and fish stocks

4/13      Dr. Christopher Clark, Cornell University

            -Graduate student -coordinated special seminar Topic: Acoustics of whales

4/20      Student seminars

4/27      Student seminars

5/4        Student seminars

Fall 2017 Seminars

9/22    Dr. Sarah Knutie, University of Connecticut  

“Environmental change shapes host defenses against parasites”

9/29    Rachael Bonoan, Tufts University       

“Honey bee nutritional ecology”

10/6    Dr. Tara Rajaniemi,  University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

"Underground plant ecology: investigating root foraging strategies and the outcomes of belowground interactions"

10/13  Dr. Jeff Podos, University of Massachusetts Amherst

"Take it to the limit: Sexual selection and ecological speciation"

10/20  Dr. Laura Williams, Providence College

10/27  Dr. Carey Nadell, Dartmouth College

11/3    Avery Hamlin, Master's Proposal

Supervisor: Kathy Kavanaugh

11/10  Rebecca Hamilton, Master's Proposal  ** (9.00am)

Supervisor: Richard Connor

11/10  Beth Larson, Master's Proposal **(12:00pm)

Supervisor: Jefferson Turner

11/17  Dr. Heather Marella, Bridgewater State University

11/24  No seminar – Happy Thanksgiving

12/1    Sherri Eldridge, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

12/8    Dr. Vanni Bucci, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

12/11  Tammy Silva, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Seminar coordinator: Fall – Jennifer Koop, Spring – Pia Moisander

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