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Spotlight on Research: Dr. Robert Drew - Genetics of Anemonefish - Sea Anemone Symbiosis

 Biology Department

Do you dream of working to cure illnesses, conserve species, or explore marine life?  If so, biology is the major for you!

Biology Alumni News Biology Department News The Department of Biology uses our semi-rural campus and nearby coastal environments as living laboratories. We emphasize field and laboratory opportunities for our students to learn biology while studying living organisms. Our broad-based curriculum prepares our graduates for many career options including but not limited to:

  • employment in industry and government
  • professional programs in human and veterinary medicine
  • graduate study in all aspects of biology

Our diverse curriculum provides students with a solid background in fundamental biological principles and practices. It also allows students to take courses geared toward their specific interests including:

  • cell and molecular biology
  • organismal biology
  • ecology and evolution
  • biology of marine organisms.

Our faculty engage in research at the forefront of their fields, providing students with unparalleled opportunities for research experiences. Particularly strong areas of focus encompass:

  • marine biology
  • ecological and evolutionary genetics
  • integrative biology, in which we use diverse approaches to study the complexity of biological organisms.