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Chemistry Major, Biochemistry Option

The biochemistry option prepares students for professional (pre-Medical, pre-Pharmacy, pre-Veterinary) school, for employment in the pharmaceutical industry, and for graduate study in biochemistry, molecular biology, pharmacology, nutrition and other areas of life science.

The degree program can be extended to five years through the BS/MS option. For students interested in going to medical school, the Pre-Med Preparation in Chemistry may be right for you.

Biochemistry Option Curriculum

The standard biochemistry curriculum includes many different courses, including:

  • Biology of Organisms
  • Biology of Cells
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry

Students should work with their faculty advisor to ensure that their program of study meets all requirements and will allow them to graduate on time.‌

Course Catalog

See course schedules and requirements.

Special Opportunities

All students in Chemistry & Biochemistry are required to complete one research intensive semester as part of the degree. Most begin research in either their sophomore or junior year and continue through graduation, with more than 20 undergraduates working in research labs annually. Research experience is critical for admission into graduate school, for industrial jobs, and is recommended before applying to many medical schools.

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