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Environmental Chemistry Focus

The chemistry major provides a more interdisciplinary course of study for students interested in environmental chemistry. By choosing electives from other departments such as biology, physics, environmental engineering, economics or political science, students can focus on marine chemistry, geochemistry, toxicology, environmental monitoring and analysis, environmental law, or other areas of environmental science.

In the Environmental Chemistry focus, the Chemistry option is modified as follows:

  • CHM 552 (Instrumental Methods of Analysis) is substituted for CHM 318 and 319.
  • CHM 431, CHM 433, and either CHM 416 or 424 can be waived.
  • In place of the two advanced science electives, at least five courses chosen from an approved list of environmental electives are required. (One of these can count toward the university social science requirement.)

Contact the department’s environmental chemistry advisor for full details.

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