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Select Faculty awards and accolades

  • Prof. Cheng Wang was named one of the "Highly Cited Researchers 2022 Recipients" in the institution category of "University of Massachusetts System" by Clarivate. See Prof. Wang's Web of Science profile here.
  • Prof. Sigal Gottlieb was featured by SIAM on March 19 2021 in honor of Women's History Month.
Honoring Dr. Sigal Gottlieb
  • Prof. Sigal Gottlieb was inducted as a Class of 2021 AWM (Association for Women in Mathematics) Fellow. As only the second AWM fellow from a Massachusetts school, Prof. Gottlieb was recognized "For exemplary and lasting work in forging an active and positive research environment, proactive outreach, effective mentoring, and promoting the success of women in mathematical and computational sciences."
White House Announces New Appointees to the National Science Board
  • Prof. Sigal Gottlieb was awarded Class of 2019 Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics "for her contribution to strong-stability-preserving time discretizations and other schemes for hyperbolic equations, and for her professional services including those to SIAM and women in mathematics". Prof. Gottlieb became the second SIAM fellow of the entire UMass System.
Fello 2019 Siam - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Featured media of faculty

The following video "A History of The Division of Applied Mathematics (at Brown University)" features department member Prof. Sigal Gottlieb. In particular, at the 18:05 mark, Prof. Gottlieb talks about the start of the Scientific Computing Chapter of the division. At the 24:20 mark, she elaborates on the interplay between mathematics and computation, and the mission of ICERM (Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics) of which she is a deputy director.

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