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Saeja Kim 

Office: LARTS-395A 
Phone: 508-999-8325 
ID: skim 
Computational Algebra,
Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computing

Jill Peters 
(Administrative Assistant)

Office: LARTS-396F 
Phone: 508-999-8316
ID: jpeters
Fax: 508-910-6917



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Chancellor Professors
  Sigal Gottlieb

Office: LARTS-394D 

Phone: 508-999-8205 
ID: sgottlieb

  • Numerical Analysis
  • Scientific Computing
  • Strong stability preserving methods
  • weighted essentially non-oscillatory methods
Full Professors
  Yanlai Chen  

Office:  LARTS-394A

Phone:  508-999-8438
ID: yanlai.chen

  • Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
  • Reduced order modeling
  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Fractional-order partial differential equations
  • Data mining and Machine Learning, Neural Networks

Gary Davis

Office: LARTS-394F

Phone: 508-999-8739 
ID: gdavis

  • Memory systems, DEs, Time series
  • Mathematics Education

Dana Fine

Office: LARTS-396E 

Phone: 508-910-6905 
ID: dfine

  • Applied Mathematics, Gauge theory

Adam Hausknecht

Office: LARTS-394B 

Phone: 508-999-8322 
ID: ahausknecht

  • Software for Mathematics Education
  • Computer Graphics
  • Scientific Computation
  • Noncommutative Algebra

Saeja Kim


Office: LARTS-395A 
Phone: 508-999-8325 
ID: skim 

  • Computational Algebra
  • Edge Detection
  • Topological Data Analysis (TDA)
  • Inverse Problems
  • Mathematics Education

Cheng Wang


Office: LARTS-394G 

Phone: 508-999-8342 
ID: cwang1

  • Numerical Analysis,
  • Numerical PDEs
Associate Professors

Bo Dong

Office:  LARTS-394D

Phone:  508-910-6616
ID: bdong

  • Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing,
  • Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods

Scott Field

Office:  LARTS-394C

Phone:  508-999-8318

ID: sfield

  • gravitational wave data science
  • discontinuous Galerkin methods
  • Large-scale Scientific Computation
  • computational general relativity and fluid dynamics
  • Numerical Analysis

Alfa Heryudono

Office: LARTS-394H 

Phone: 508-999-8516 
ID: aheryudono

  • Radial basis function methods
  • Spectral and pseudospectral methods
  • Tear film dynamics
  • Numerical conformal mapping
  • Mathematical problems in industry

Donghui Yan


Office:  LARTS-395B

Phone:  508-999-8746
ID: dyan

  • Machine Learning, Applied Statistics,
  • Data Science,
  • High Dimensional Statistical Inference
Assistant Professors

Zheng Chen

Office: LARTS-394E

Phone: 508-999-9236 
ID: zchen2

  • High order numerical methods (DG, Spectral, etc.)
  • Numerical simulations for kinetic problems
  • Multiscale Computational Methods
  • Numerical methods for problems with singularities and applications
    (post-processing techniques, fractional PDEs, etc.)
  • Numerical methods for uncertainty quantification
Full Time Lecturers

Sergei Artamoshin

Office: LARTS-396D 

Phone: 508-999-8324 

ID: sartamoshin

  • Mathematics Education 

Sara Dalton Bildik

Office: LARTS-394E 

Phone: 508-999-8281

ID: sdalton

  • Mathematics Education


Melvyn Huff


Office: LARTS-396E 

Phone: 508-910-6905 
ID: mhuff 

  • Mathematics Education

Biyong Luo

First Year Teaching Director

Office: LARTS-396B 
Phone: 508-910-6615 
ID: bluo 

  • Mathematics Education

Adriano Marzullo

Office: LARTS-396I

Phone: 508-999-8323
ID: amarzullo

  • Mathematics Education, 
  • Commutative Algebra,
  • Combinatorial Geometry,
  • and Arithmetic Combinatorics