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Picture of Keota Fields black and white imageKeota Fields
(Ph.d. CUNY Graduate Center, 2007)

Areas of Specialization
History of Modern Philosophy (emphasis on British Empiricism)
Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind

Areas of Competence
Philosophy of Language, Ethics, Philosophical Logic


Select Publication

Book: Berkeley: Ideas, Immaterialism, and Objective Presence, Lexington Books, 2011.

Select Presentations and Conferences

"The Containment Axiom and Berkeley's Proof of God," George Berkeley: Mind, Perception and Knowledge, University of Zurich, June 2011.

"Graded Modal Justification Logic: An Overview," Philosophy Graduate Forum, Brown University, October 2010.

"Transcendental Arguments in Berkeley's Immaterialism," International Berkeley Conference Celebration the 300th Anniversary of the Publiction of Berkeley's Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge, University of Neuchatel, Switzerland.


Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics, Knowledge and Reality, Theories of Mind, History of Western Philosophy: Modern, Metaphysics, Theories of Knowledge, Philosophy of Language, The British Empiricists, Minds and Machines (Seminar),






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