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Philosophy Minor

The philosophy minor makes an excellent addition to your academic career. A minor in philosophy cultivates the development of analytical skills and clarity of thought that are invaluable, not only in pursing a college degree, but later in developing a rewarding career and a meaningful life. Training in philosophy is highly regarded in professional fields such as law, medicine, business and government.


Philosophy Minor (6 courses) (Effective 2018):

(1) PHL 110 – Principles of Critical Thinking: 3 Credits

(2-3) Complete two Philosophy 300-400 Level Electives. 6 Credits

(4-5) Complete two Philosophy Electives, at any level: 6 Credits

(6) One three (3) credit Philosophy Seminar (or “boosted” 300-level course) PHL 409 Seminar

Total credits: 18


Previous Philosophy Minor Requirements (Ended 2018)

  • One course, three (3) credits, in the history of philosophy. (PHL 221 or PHL 222)
  • PHL 110 Logical Thinking (effective Fall 2012)
  • Three philosophy courses, of which two are required at the 300 level, three (3) credits each selected from any area of concentration or the electives - 9 credits total
  • One three (3) credit Philosophy Seminar.
  • Total credits: 18


Selection of philosophy as a minor requires that the grade point average in one’s major be at least 2.5.

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