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Philosophy Department

Philosophy Department News

Congratulations to our own Professors Charlie Donahue (Logic Professor) UMass Dartmouth July 2013 CARES Recipient and Maureen Eckert (Associate Professor)  March 2014 CARES Recipient

C.A.R.E.S. (Chancellor's Award Recognizing Excellence in Service) has been created to recognize and honor faculty and staff who demonstrate an extraordinary level of service excellence while also providing a vehicle for members of the campus to nominate individuals who they feel are deserving.

Philosophy Department Mission


Philosophy engages us in basic questions about the world around us. A philosophical person enjoys asking why, wishing to understand what reality is, what can be known, what makes actions right or wrong, and what the best kind of society is. Curiosity is key.

While philosophy appeals to one's sense of wonder about the world, at the same time, it prepares students for all kinds of challenges. Work in philosophy courses helps one defend and clarify one's ideas as well as analyze, understand and evaluate the ideas of others. Philosophy develops problem solving abilities, communication skills, persuasive powers, and writing skills—skills needed in any career.  Below are some links to information about Successful Career-building and Philosophy:

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With six full-time members and several dedicated part-time members, the UMD Philosophy Department forms a rigorous, friendly, and pluralistic community of inquiry, offering courses and emphases in the major areas of philosophical study. Weekly meetings of the Philosophy Association, our student organization, are open to any one interested in philosophy.