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Jennifer Wilson Mulnix
Ph.D., University of Iowa (2006)
Asian Philosophy, Epistemology, History of Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind.
Phone: 508.910.6869 
Office: LARTS 355 
Webpage: Dr. Jennifer Wilson Mulnix

Department Assistant

Karen Monahan
Academic Administrative Assistant
Liberal Arts Room 379
Phone: 508.910.6889
Fax: 508.990.9674

Full-time Faculty

Maureen Eckert 
Ph.D. City University of New York (2004)
Ancient Philosophy, Plato, Fatalism, Metaphysics, David Foster Wallace Studies, Philosophical Logic
Phone: 508.999.8348  
Office: LARTS 382  Webpage: Maureen Eckert

Keota Fields
Associate Professor
Ph.D. City University of New York (2006)
History of Modern Philosophy, Berkeley, Metaphsyics, Philosophy of Mind
Phone: 508.999.8506
Office: LARTS 380 Webpage: Keota Fields

Catherine Villanueva Gardner
Ph.D., University of Virginia (1996)
Ethics, History of Women Philosophers, Feminist Theory, Philosophy and Literature.
Phone: 508.999.8253 
Office: LARTS 381 

Timothy Nulty
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Connecticut (2004)
Philosophy of Language and Mind, Metaphysics, 20th Century Analytic and Continental Philosophy
Phone: 508.999.8766
Office: LARTS 389 Webpage: Timothy Nulty

Part-time Faculty

Ron Biron
Phone: 508.999.9118 
Office: LARTS 348
Webpage: Ronald M. Biron

Charles Donahue
Office: Open Spaces LARTS 3rd Floor 
UMD Webpage: Charlie DonahueWebsite

Professors Emeritus

Diane Barense
Ph.D., Temple University (1980)
Philosophy of Language and Mind, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Feminism

Rick Hogan
Ancient Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Nietzsche

James Place
Ph.D., Southern Illinois University (1971)
Phenomenology, Aesthetics, Recent European Philosophy.

In Memoriam
Prof. Mia Rowland


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