Douglas Roscoe

Professor / Director of General Education

Political Science




Liberal Arts 327


2000Loyola University ChicagoPhD


  • American politics





The development and function of political parties and political interest groups in American politics. Strategies for lobbying and for creating interest groups also examined. Cross-listed as LST 332.

Students will learn how to study politics "scientifically" using theories, hypotheses, and concepts to explore the relationships among variables. Students will also learn how to define and critique concepts commonly used in professional journals. The course includes an overview of descriptive statistics using the SPSS software, exposure to some inferential statistics, and their application to data analysis in Political Science. Students learn how to present quantitative data in a manner consistent with the expectations of the discipline.


Online and Continuing Education Courses

Theory and practice of national government in Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court, and the interaction of these institutions with interest groups, political parties, public opinion and the mass media.
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Research Interests

  • Political parties and interest groups
  • Elections and political behavior
  • Congress and the legislative process

Select publications

  • Douglas D. Roscoe and Shannon Jenkins (2016).
    Local Party Organizations in the 21st Century
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