Katherine DeLuca, PhD she/her

Associate Professor

English & Communication




Liberal Arts 310


2015The Ohio State UniversityPhD
2010The Ohio State UniversityMA
2007Louisiana State UniversityBA





The study and contemporary application of ancient Greek and Roman rhetorical theory. Students will apply rhetorical theory in ongoing analyses of a wide range of communication media (written, spoken, visual) and in their own writing.

Introduction to digital and media literacy. Introduction to foundational literacy practices in digital media analysis and composition. Students learn core concepts in digital media studies while also developing foundational skills in composing texts across genres and modes¿written, visual, and aural. Students will also learn and employ various rhetorical tactics to develop skills in questioning and troubleshooting with technology.

Studying, thinking critically, and writing about popular culture and issues arising from it. This course involves exploring, researching and writing about such diverse and interconnected cultural elements as literature, politics, media, religion, science, food, fashion, sports, and the arts.

Emphasis on combining textual and graphic components to accomplish production-oriented, informative, instructional, and persuasive tasks. Students will acquire a broad understanding of the fundamentals of visual communication and document design. Students will then evaluate the effectiveness of design choices for particular rhetorical situations and apply those principles to specific projects using industry-standard design/publishing software.

Introduction to strategies, techniques, and technologies used by web developers and designers. Teaches how to establish site goals, articulate user needs, improve user experience, produce quality web content, and compose usable web writing. Students learn front-end, back-end, and social-web development and design principles, as well as current web production technologies.


Online and Continuing Education Courses

Introduction to the communication skills required in business and industry. Students will learn how to prepare, produce, revise, and deliver business reports, professional communications, computer-supported presentations, and oral presentations.
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Research interests

  • Digital Media Studies
  • Writing Studies
  • Rhetorical History & Theory

Dr. Katie DeLuca received her Ph.D. in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy Studies from The Ohio State University. She teaches courses on writing and social media, composition, and rhetoric, among other topics. Dr. DeLuca’s research focuses on the intersections of digital media studies, composition studies, and rhetoric, examining performative identity rhetorics and ethos in online spaces. She studies digital citizens’ everyday rhetorical and composing practices for the insights they can provide composition, rhetoric, and digital media studies. Her work has recently appeared in Computers and Composition, Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, the Journal of Teaching Writing, and WLN: A Journal of Writing Center Scholarship, and she is co-editor of The Rhetoric of Participation: Interrogating Commonplaces In and Beyond the Classroom, published by Computers and Composition Digital Press/Utah State University Press. Her current research projects explore the relationships between online communities, ethos formation, and writing pedagogy.

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