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Take advantage of the tools we provide to ensure your success in the program. 

First Year Student Orientation

To assist first year students in successfully transitioning into graduate education, the department hosts an orientation in September. The orientation includes meeting students in other cohorts and professors; information on departmental policies and procedures; and information from the Graduate Studies office. 

Advisor/Advisee Relationship

The advising relationship is a significant element of the doctoral studies process. It is within the advising relationship that students design their academic objectives, understand and complete program requirements, and develop career objectives and goals. 

Writing and Research Support

In addition to the services offered by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Writing and Reading Center, the department offers the opportunity for all students to participate in a writer’s workshop and research support group. The group includes valuable peer feedback on the writing and research process and workshops by staff, faculty, and professional editors. 

Thesis/Dissertation Guide

The Graduate Studies department provides you with a general Thesis Guide. The guide outlines the requirements for the preparation of Master’s Theses and Doctoral Dissertations.  

Student Handbook

All students receive a student handbook that covers requirements, dissertation information, and other necessary information. If you have any questions that are not answered in the handbook, please contact Ricardo Rosa

Community Forums and Film Screenings

The department hosts community forums and film screenings on a variety of topics relating to the curriculum. Forums and screenings are designed to foster respectful and critical dialogue between educational leaders, teachers, students, community-based leaders, artists, activists and policy makers. These forums are valuable spaces for students to deepen their knowledge of pressing matters related to education and beyond. 

Student Council

Periodically, the entire student body is consulted regarding matters related to departmental policies and procedures. Meetings are held at least once a year and surveys are distributed to students periodically. 

Special Events

Several events - designed to promote healthy living and provide a space for social interaction and connection - are structured throughout the year.