Capstone Project: Accelerometer Survivability Testing

This project involves designing a mechanical impulsive mechanical shock simulator.

Capstone Project: Accelerometer Survivability Testing


Megan Scribner (Team Leader), Robert Lin, Eduardo Perez, Richard Pooler, Aaram Williams

Faculty Advisor

Dr. David Brown

Project Description

In the sport of mountain biking it is common for a rider to adjust his seat height based of the style of riding.  To achieve this, riders use a stepper seat post similar to a gas cylinder which allows the seat to slide up and down adjusting the height on the fly as trail conditions rapidly change.  Current stepper seat post products are expensive (~$300) and heavy, they also tend to leak and break over time due to the aggressive riding conditions.  The project goal is aimed to reduce the complexity and increase reliability of this type of device by using a more simplistic mechanical mechanism. The objective of this product is to provide bikers with a lightweight and simple product that is more reliable and above all, cheaper. The team designed, analyzed, and manufactured their prototype at the end of spring semester.


BTech Acoustics

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