Capstone Project: Accelerometer Survivability Testing

This project involves designing a mechanical impulsive mechanical shock simulator.

Capstone Project: Accelerometer Survivability Testing


Megan Scribner (Team Leader), Robert Lin, Eduardo Perez, Richard Pooler, Aaram Williams

Faculty Advisor

Dr. David Brown

Project Description

Balancing sensitivity and robustness of underwater sensors and transducers is important for both naval and commercial uses. Current impact testing methods tend to utilize explosives or heavy machinery and thusly are expensive and dangerous. In order to improve on current sensor design, an affordable and reliable method of impact testing must be used. Survivability was tested by utilizing a modified Hopkinson Bar setup. Accurately applying variable force, signal processing, and performing failure analysis culminated to an effective means of sensor testing enhancement. With this test method, a better understanding of sensor failure is able to be achieved by the company.


BTech Acoustics

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